Nov 5, 2011

The Nirvana of Small Talk

When you find yourself in an elevator without inspiration for small talk, you don't care about politics and have no idea about the score of last nights game, you can always use the last resort; "How about that weather?".
In San Francisco, you end up speaking about the weather anyways, be that small talk or not. The reason is simple; the weather is like a woman; it changes its mind constantly without much logic. The summer, which is only labeled that as the rest of the world has one and we do not want to feel left out, is cold, windy and foggy. Then all of a sudden, September and October are amazing. Sunny, warm and sunburn guaranteed. At least for swedes. 

What date is it today? The 5th of November. That is, not September or October.

Literarily from one day to another, we have gone from t-shirt to taking out the winter clothes. Not sure how that happened, but on top of it the city is covered in Christmas decoration. I was pulled from living the perfect California summer to being warped into the future where I have to think about what to get Sexy Mom for Christmas. 

Luckily I already know.

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