Oct 30, 2011

Sweets for my sweet

The nutrition of your child is a high priority issue for any parent. You want your child to get healthy eating habits from the very start; finding a good balance between vegetables, fruit, fish and meat resulting in a perfect energetic cocktail to keep growing like a weed. Basically; you want their eating habits to be nothing like yours.  

But between sneaking peas and broccoli in her lunch cupcakes or disguising the fish between layers of breaded crust, she is of course entitled to a treat every now and then. 

It has nothing to do with her dad wanting some sweets. Nothing at all. 

Really the fault is not ours, it is Polk Street's. Full of places for people with a sweet tooth and no character whatsoever to say 'no'. First there is the newly established Friday tradition where Miss Cupcake and dad will pass by The Candy Store after daycare for a lollipop. Some licorice might end up in the bag as well, not sure how that happens.

And how are you supposed to walk by the Loving Cup without buying some rice pudding or some frozen yogurt? I am trying to get Miss Cupcake to learn how to ask for it herself, and like that it is easier to blame her for it. 

What can I say except; sweets for my sweet! 

Side note: got some breaking news; Sexy mom is writing again... 

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