Oct 18, 2011

Treasure Island Music Festival

The idea is to learn from your misstakes: if you burn the lasagna in the oven, you have it bake for less time next time. If you get lost trying to find a restaurant, you get a smart phone with a built in GPS next time. Or if you go to a music festival with your two-year old, next time you find a baby sitter. 

This weekend was the Treasure Island Music Festival, which with sunny weather and the most amazing scenery imaginable with the San Francisco skyline hovering behind the scenes would be a success no matter what, however in this case we got to listen to some great music as well. Especially amazing were the California laid back Beach House, Ben 'Duracel Bunny' Gibbard strutting around in Death Cab for Cutie and the perfectly punky The Oh Sees


The festival also introduced the concept of a 'silent disco', which means that you get headphones to listen to the music. The funniest thing about this is to enter without the headphones and see people dance and go crazy, but not hear any music. The return of the silent movies?

What?!? Cannot hear you!

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