Sep 30, 2011

The brands of Silicon Valley

I work for a company called Yahoo! in Sunnyvale, California. I started out in Madrid, Spain, and was relocated to the US about a year ago now. There are of course many differences working for the same American company in Europe and in the US, and the language is surprisingly not one of these as you can live perfectly in San Francisco and speak Spanish instead of English. However the food is a huge difference, and the clothes is another notable one. 
In Europe you get t-shirts and other company branded clothes, which ends up at home and you wear it on Sundays to clean the house, or give it to relatives and friends (thanks dad!). In the US, people wear their company branded gear everywhere! To work, to go shopping, I have even seen people in bars on a Friday with the company logo all over the place. 

Could it be a strategy to pick up girls? I hope not.

However, I guess this has rubbed off, as I lately wear my blue Yahoo! jacket quite a lot. It has a subtle 'Y!' on the chest, and is perfect for the constant autumn like weather in San Francisco. 

Now, maybe people look at me thinking, 'that guy really is all about Yahoo!', he probably wakes up each day yodeling and bleeds purple. What they haven't seen though, is what I wear underneath... 

You can't blame me really, closest to my heart, I will always have Sexy Mom!

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