Sep 29, 2011

The Car goes 'Brum, Brum'

If things are too easy, you don't savor the sweet taste of victory the same way. It needs to be like a Hollywood movie:

Boy meets girl > boy likes girl > boy tells joke to girl > girl giggles > boy thinks 'yes!' > boy asks girl out > girl plays hard to get > boy says 'come on' > girl says 'ok' in a way that does in no way imply if she is interested or not > boy is confused > boy: get used to it! > boy and girl go out > boy try to not look at girl's cleavage too much > boy does not do a good job at it > boy kisses girl > boy is happy > boy screws it up (we always do, comes natural) > boy sad > girl pissed off > boy fixes it in last minute using shoes/chocolate/poem/plane-writing-her-name/ etc. > the end.

What is the fun if you get the girl at the first try? At this point all men in the audience think, 'we would prefer that'. And you are right. However, that is not my point. This is the typical parent point that is not really how you like it to be, but in the end they are always right. Or was that women, not parents? 


I got my driver's licence!

It is perfect. I had to fight for it. And in the end, I passed it, and I look like a am wanted in 25 states and my name is spelled wrong. 

Close enough. 

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