Oct 2, 2011

The Female Touch

When taking care of Miss Cupcake, team work is key. For some reason a two year old can easily take on one grown up, so you need to be at least two against one to even have a chance at winning the battle, even though it does not guarantee victory in any way.
Sigh. When it comes to the curly caos that is Miss Cupcake's hair, it is not enough to be two against one. It does not even help to be a professional at the Rubick's cube. You need professional help as doing her hair requieres her to sit still for at least five minutes, while brushing her hair which is considered by her as a especially vicious torture technique. So there is only one way out. 

Yes, we put on cartoons. 

There is one person that tends to leave her hair as it is as this entire process takes too much time and effort, and one of us that takes the time and gets her just as pretty as the little princess she is. Want to take a guess at which on of us did the hair on these two photos? 

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