Mar 19, 2011

Let's get ready to rumble!

People down at the playground tend to comment that Leah is a "very good walker" and has "good balance" for her short age. My mother has a theory that it comes from the fact that her dad plays with her generally means ending up up-side-down.

The game I love to play is to sneak up on her, walking like a tiger looking for its pray on the safari, and when she sees me, she starts to giggle and gets very nervous as she knows she is about to get tickled. That is when I attack!

You can almost see the scratches...

The only downside is that she has very, very sharp nails, and when I tickle, she gives back some of her own caresses. Today when Silvia came home from work, she look at me and asked "who did you piss off today?".

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