Feb 8, 2011

View from a Hill

We got a nice gift the other day when we realized we have incredible views of the city from the rooftop. This weekend, after a long day for daddy, I went up on the rooftop, sat down with a beer and enjoyed the sunset. This is what you see:

Starting from the left, you see two towers which is the church on Washington Square, where North Beach starts. There you also see a big penis-like tower which is Coit Tower, not sure what it is but the man (had to be a man) who built it probably had some issues... After the chimney blocking the view, you see Treasure Island and the Bay Bridge. Later you see downtown with the skyscrapers, and finally, at the end of it all, you see Grace Cathedral at Huntington Park.

In the end, I love this city and I love living here!!

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