Nov 23, 2010

Home Sweet Home

It is kind of weird to be at a place very far from home, and to feel absolutely at home. Silvia and I have been to San Francisco many times mostly for work, and we have always said that we would love to live here. Why? Well, it is difficult to describe, but there is something in the atmosphere here that makes everything seem relaxed.

It is a big city, still it is not noisy. Madrid is a chaos of honking cars and screaming people, while here it seems more quite. People are very nice, especially when you walk around with a small baby - “she is soooo cute”. The other day even a man came out of his garage with a plastic duck for Leah, “I thought she might like it”.

Washington Square

And finally there is North Beach. The area around Washington square is our favorite place here. A lot of nice cafes and restaurants, and just a very laid back area to spend the day, like today.

Lunch at Café Divine

We were looking at apartments in the area, and later we went to Café Divine on Washington Square, they just have great food!! Then off to the candy store where we bought fudge, and down to China town to buy some stuff for Silvia. Simply a great day in the sun with my two ladies!

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