Jan 20, 2011

We thought we had good views...

I feel a bit stupid to be honest. We have lived in our apartment for about a month now, and we love the place. It is close to the areas we like, the place is big with tons of light and it has a shared backyard for Leah to run around in. What more could you ask for?!? Well, we miss the views of the place on Baker street, but you can't have it all now can you. Or can you?!?

Today we were to take a walk, and our neighbor walks down the stairs in the hallway where Leah and myself are waiting for mom to get ready, as usual. I hadn't met the guy yet, so he introduces himself and I ask if he lives upstairs, which he doesn't, he lives across the hall. He had "just been on the roof reading some. It is not too bad". You had been where?!?! It is not too bad!?!?

Yes ladies and gentlemen, one month later we find out that on the rooftop of our building there are chairs and a BBQ with the most amazing views of the city. You can see everything! Later that night when Leah had got to sleep, we took her up and while she was sleeping we had a bottle of wine while looking on the stars. I love surprises!!

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