Nov 18, 2010

We live in New York!

The last three months have really been intensive, at times too much, and the icing on the cake has been the trip that made us exhausted. But we did it, we got here and after more than 24 hours after getting the taxi in Madrid, we entered the driveway on Baker street at our temporary housing. The key is left in a little safety box, you enter the code and the little door pops open and you got yourself a pair of keys... that does not work. I tried one door, I went upstairs and it did not work, I tried every door there was, except the one that was right in front of me. I cried out to Silvia - ·the keys don't work!!", and as always, the woman gets out, says "let me try", and 10 seconds later we were inside.

New York... but not really

The apartment really impressed us, but the views just made us stand there with our mouths open. Weren't we supposed to be in San Francisco? This looks very much like New York?!? We still haven't turned on the TV, why should we, we just sit staring out of the window. While having dinner, look out of the window. While sitting in the sofa, look out of the window. While sleeping, hold one eye open to look out of the window.

Breakfast on the terrace

The house, the car, the man, the boss

The apartment is absolutely fantastic, have a look for yourself!

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