Jan 19, 2011

Big decisions

When you learn that you are about to have a child, there are tons of decisions to be taken: what to call the baby that does not rime with something nasty, what stroller to choose that does not tip over, what diapers to use to keep the nuclear stuff safe, what crib is the safest... Tons of decisions that gives you a headache since you want what's best for your baby.

Funny enough people tended to ask for something besides all of this; what soccer team will she follow? Eih?!? I am a soccer fan myself, but what team she will follow is not on my list of priorities. Since we lived in Spain people started to influence; FC Barcelona like grandpa, Atletico de Madrid like the aunts, maybe Real Madrid like daddy...

So we pretty early made a very quick and easy decision; we let uncle Javier La Loggia choose. So Leah, until she decides otherwise, is a fan of Boca Junior (Argentinian team for you that does not know your soccer teams). Fits me perfectly! It is said that the team choose the colors of the team by standing in the harbor and take the colors of the flag of the next boat to come in, which happened to be Swedish! She has some similarities with Maradona as well, they are equally chubby!

1 comment:

  1. quoting: "until she decides otherwise..." (?!!) No way, Once from BOCA, always "Xeneixe".
    Aguante Boca, aguante Leah :)