Dec 8, 2010

The day after

Yesterday I was up until midnight working on the launch of the new Yahoo! News site. We have been preparing for the last six months, so it was quite existing when they pulled the switch for the new site to go live. It kind of felt like in the control tower of an airport.

-Can I get a confirmation that we are set to go?
-You have cleared for take off. I repeat, you have green lights - green lights.

So today I am of course a bit tired, so it is always nice when Silvia sends a couple of picture of little Miss Cupcake. I love these pictures for various reasons, mainly because they capture how grown up ske looks all of a sudden. It even surprises us, she has that look of "I know what is going on now...kind of", standing by herself with long brown hair.

I also like the photos because they are from our new house, and it looks like it is all prepared and nice when she is actually standing next to the only piece of furniture in the entire flat.

The rest is coming tomorrow, so we will have a bed for when we move in on Friday.

It was a close one...

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