Dec 10, 2010

Family 2.0

Ok. I admit it. It might be the case that Silvia and I are somewhat obsessed with Internet. We work with it. We use it to communicate with our friends and family. We listen to music with it and watch television shows with it. Conclusion; there is always at least one computer on all day at home. And now we have Iphones as well, so the party is on all day, everywhere!

Now that we are moving we are going to try the tv-less life, don't think it will be a problem at all. We are more hysterical about being without Internet connection at home for a couple of days...

Leah is observing, and she knows perfectly that she can speak to family with the strange screen, watch her favorite cartoons (Pocoyo) and she is always ready to try and pull off a key or two from the keyboard. Will she be technologically savvy?

This is the first picture every taken by Leah by herself. Notice how she captures the light, using the frog perspective to highlight the desperation of a lonely kitchen in the early hours... It will not take long for sure that she will stop only looking at the screen and start to program instead!

Dad, stick to your screen!!

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