Dec 8, 2010

Let it rain

We did a lot of research before going to San Francisco. Even though we had already been here a couple of times, go on holiday for a week is not the same thing as living here. So you ask about all kinds of things; what places are safer than others, what medical insurance is better than others, where are the good restaurants etc. One answer we always got, even though we did not ask for it really, was the weather. It can rain a lot.

Sure, it rains, we just get good clothes for it. I finally get to use my NorthFace jacket! And after living in Madrid for the last couple of years, I could not wait to get to a more Swedish climate, having to wear long sleeved and a jacket, curl up in the sofa with a blanket and a hot chocolate (read beer...). Not having to wait until nine o'clock to go out because it is just too hot.

So today we got to experience when it rains here, and man, it rains!! And poor Silvia was at the hairdresser, I got a desperate phone call - "I look great, I can' go out from the hairdresser!!"

You can't really see downtown

I was really nice though to just take a day off after all of these days, weeks, months of running back and forth like crazy. On Saturday we went to Ikea for the third time, and we had a nervous breakdown - don't want to go there again, ever!! We have managed to buy everything we need for our house though, almost... So today it was all about "Transformers 2" on TV, banana cream pie that my wonderful wife brought to me and the feet in the air.

"Raindrops keep falling on my head..."

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