Nov 27, 2010

We have a house!!

Finally we have found an apartment! We are extremely happy! Silvia has done a huge job going up and down looking at apartments across all San Francisco, and now we have decided on one, and they have given it to us!

The apartment is in "Nob Hill", if you look it up it says "the area's reputation of privilege dates back to Gold Rush times, when cable car lines made the hilltop accessible and the railroad barons and bonanza kings built their mansions there, far above the rowdiness of the bawdy waterfront" (from SF Gate).

For us it means, close to North Beach which is our favorite area of San Francisco, close to the shuttle bus that takes me to work (about 10 minutes walking) and close to downtown with all the shops. The place is very big, it is on the first floor, it has two rooms are huge and it has a backyard with a BBQ with views of downtown San Francisco. Can't wait to start decorating it!

The backyard

The second bedroom

The Kitchen

The bedroom

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  1. congrats! very happy for you guys, seeing that you are settling down with your own house. now, say hi to your tiger, and let's get together soon for a caña