Aug 16, 2013

Vocal Bears

I was dubbed by the nurses as the hospital where I was born as 'Gnölis', which would translate freely into something like 'the one that makes a lot of noises'. They even used this on charts; 'Gnölis' was washed this morning. Because that was what I was doing, constantly. Noises. A low, chanting like an Indian chief sitting by the fire to sing the evil spirits away. 

So when our pediatrician talked about Mr Bear as being 'very vocal', you might think of him following his dad's footsteps. But there is a big difference. Mr Bear is talking. He clearly is commenting on his surrounding, pondering on the state of the world, making funny comments about his parents. Too bad we don't understand. I am sure it is very interesting stuff. 

Oh, and he found his feet! Nothing can stop him now!

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