Aug 9, 2013

Viva Las Vegas, Baby

Life has different stages. When you are a child it is all about playing, and then you start liking girls and your life is ruined for ever trying to get their attention. Then you are off to university where you master in the art of jelly shots, and then it s time to start working and handle coming to work with a hang-over. And then… children. [dramatic pause]. 

A quick example; last time in Vegas I landed around noon, I was married at 2pm, out of cash at 5pm and drinking Gin & Tonics from then on. This time around, we came to Las Vegas with Miss Cupcake and Mr Bear, so things were somewhat different. We are already married, so not much point in re-doing that. We did put more emphasis on the hotel pool, the Bellagio fountain, the Eiffel Tower and other kid friendly things. 

But some things never change. We did drink Gin & Tonics later that night. And won the grand jack-pot!

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