Jul 6, 2013

Search Engine Optimization

Being on the same page is essential to be able to have meaningful communication. If this is not achieved, misunderstandings are very likely. An example you say? Lately at my place you hear frequently comments like 'how cute he is', or 'he looks so handome with that shirt', you know, comments that makes a man feel good about himself. However this is followed by 'time to change his diper' or 'he pooped himself', which most of the time means they are not talking about me.

Yes, getting the basics are key to understand the context of something. So explaining what I do for a living always is a very tricky question. Something about search engines. Something about organic traffic. Marketing? For the complex questions, I like to call in my assistant to clear up things, and it is very clear after looking at the video that she did nothing to improve the situation. 

Zero. 'A lion' was her best guess... 

What we do know after this very none-informative video is that I get her chocolate from the office (at times) and she can watch cartoon on the computer. Back to square one.

The only comfort is that her aunt, Harvard student and all, had the same face on her face when she listened to me talk about my work at a recent conference in Sweden. At least I know what I do. More or less.


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