Jun 20, 2013

No Place Like Home

Our European tour has concluded with sold-out venues, stellar ratings and fans stalking the hotels for days to get a glimpse of their idols. Or if you wish, countless encounters with friends and family (or as we like to call them; babysitters), all kinds of sofa beds and way too many hours in a plane.

I do admit that I should not complaint, the flight to Europe and back went way better than I could ever have imagined. This doesn't take away the fact that I asked the flight attendant at one point, when I have calculated that we were at least 6 hours into the flight, meaning 4 to go, and he informed me that we had 7 to go. I cried to myself. Then I ordered a beer. 

Apart from all the great memories from Sweden and Spain, there is nothing like coming home. Miss Cupcake displayed it the best way, after having being up for way too long, and having fallen asleep just before landing in San Francisco. I woke her up, expecting her much justified rage at disturbing her beauty sleep, but instead her face shown up and said; 'are we there yet?'.

And I could finally say 'yes'. We are home. She spent the rest of the afternoon playing with her toys and doing something she only have done once before; telling me she wanted to go to sleep. 

Thanks to all of you we met during this month. See you next time in SF!    


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