Jul 10, 2013

Part Two

Being the sequel to a successful blockbuster is quite the challenge. Applying the same plot with the twist that worked wonders in the first movie will be a yawn and a quiet 'seen that already' comment in the sequel. I am a sequel myself, with an older sister, so I know what awaits Mr Bear. Because let's be honest; we love our children with the same endless, unconditional love, but the amount of pictures and movies goes down drastically with the second child.

But even though the excitement of the first poop, burp, hick-up and fart might not be greeted with exactly the same amount of 'first-time parents excitement' the second time around, the sequels have the luck of more confident, relaxed and experienced parents. And let's not forget; the sequels have surprising tricks up their sleeves that you did not expect, like the 'Baby-Bear-Spin-Off' move. You did not see that one the first time around, now did you?!?

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