Jul 12, 2013


First a quick warning that the complaining in this blog post might be based on the simple lack of a perception skill on my part. My last eye exam showed no obvious signs of deterioration in eye sight, but who knows. Or maybe it is just me taking yet another step to becoming a grumpy old man. Yes, who knows. But here it goes; I am amazed by people that spot similarities in new borns. 

When you have a child, and they are only days old, people will let you know that they have the ear lobe of your great grand father, and the eye lashes of your grand mothers neighbor. I'm sorry, but I just don't see it. And it is my child! 

When they grow up a bit, the story changes, as they go from having the standard baby face to getting their own character that have a lot of similarities in the family obviously. Miss Cupcake for example looks more and more like my sister for each day that passes. Or what do you think?

Yes, it took about 35 photos to get a decent one. And yes, my head is about twice the size of that of my sister. Simply more intelligence to store.

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