Jul 13, 2013

Happiness is a Box of Bear

Having children is by many considered a life changing event, and they are talking about it in a positive way. Not the 'lack-of-sleep-always-covered-in-bodily-fluids-I'm-getting-wrinkles' kind of way. And to me the impact of parenthood on our lives is really a re-focus. With children you remember a lot of things you had long forgotten. 

You remember the thrill of standing behind the door waiting for someone to find you. You recall the rush of adrenaline of running really, really, really fast. You all of a sudden remember that an eraser can be your most valuable asset as it smells so nice. And most of all; you remember to laugh because there is no reason not to.  
And it is not difficult at all. I don't believe anyone can watch Mr Bear playing with his mom without breaking out in a big smile. Just try not to.

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