May 12, 2013

The Practie Run

I obviously love my children very dearly, however I do not particularly enjoy traveling with them. Airports and planes are stressing enough without having to keep a three year old entertained (and restrained to her seat). With practice comes perfection (hopefully), so our European tour that is comping up should go perfect considering our little warm-up trip down to LA.

Santa Monica was on its best behavior with sunny days, a warm breeze, and flat, 'no-hills-to-push-strollers-over' streets. Both concepts unknown for people from San Francisco. 

What doesn't change independent of city is that kids that has not had a nap get somewhat cranky, that vomiting children in a plane does not reduce stress and that the cold beer when we got home was the best part of the trip.

Europe. We are ready for you!

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