May 30, 2013

Oh My God 'Oh Me You'

It is impossible not to compare. Whenever you meet someone you haven't seen in ages you don't ask how they are doing because you care, but obviously to compare who has been doing better. So when I am back in my hometown of 'Oh Me You', the first thing to do is obviously to compare.


And I must say, the town has aged way better than I have. While I am facing hair loss and wrinkles, the city has woken up to be a vibrant city full of vintage clothing stores, hipster youth, and vanilla and blueberry mixed ice-cream (some things never change, and shouldn't). And Umeå hasn't even been the European Capital of Culture yet (next year)

The perfect example of the transition is one of my favorite museums in the world - Bildmuseet (see, comparing. Again!). It has moved to a new, modern building next to the river, and although the design of the museum has changed, the core is still the same - great exhibitions with a great museum store (the most important part of any museum, right Berit?).

So fine, I admit it. You won Umeå. This time...

Note: the top picture reads: 'How was your day?'

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