May 10, 2013

The Line that Separates the City

I had just moved to San Francisco, and when chatting to a co-worker he asked me 'what side of the town you live on'. I thought he was asking for cardinal directions, but the answer to the question was not 'east', but 'none-fog'.

The fog in San Francisco is well-known world-wide, however what you might not know is that there is a line going through the city. So on the west side, you have fog. Lots of it. On the east side however, the fog tends to be too lazy to go there. This means that it can be sunshine downtown, while you have a thick fog on Ocean Beach. Where does that line cross the city?

Try our house. Two photos taken from our living room. Same day. Same time. First one shows the view east, and the other to the west. Now to the difficult question; what side of town do we live on?  

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