Apr 29, 2013

And Action!

I can not remember the first animated movie I ever watched. Probably some 70:ies east European rip off of some Disney classic (yes, I am that old). I do know I very much enjoyed 'Aladdin' and 'Mulan' from the old school Disney factory. And if I liked animation at that point, when Pixar came along with 'Monsters Inc' and 'Toy Story', I was like a kid (with beard) in a candy store.   

Yes, I love animated movies, and I still miss the old tradition back home where we would go to watch the latest release. Maybe that is why it was extra exciting to jump start that tradition again by taking Miss Cupcake to her first ever movie screening - 'The Croods'.

Surprisingly she sat still for two hours, only interrupted once to loudly announce to everybody that the two main characters 'are daddy and Miss Cupcake'. Maybe not that surprisingly, given her DNA, she ate the entire bag of popcorn. And not surprisingly at all - she loved the movie, even the scary parts.

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