Feb 21, 2013


Miss Cupcake and I have a special language that only we understand. It is enough with a glance for her to know that daddy is about to launch a serious tickle attack, with no prisoners taken. The best part is that split second when she realizes it, eyes lightening up before she dashes off screaming like crazy. With me on her tail. Also screaming. 

Our latest trick includes her climbing up on my back until standing on my shoulders, while I jump around and she tries to reach for the lamps. Yes, Sexy Mom is thrilled about this display of acrobatic perfection as well that includes hardly no risks. But as history has shown, great minds think alike. If you grab the camera and look into it, it is so obvious words are unnecessary; make a face!

So if you go to the beach, and see some pieces of wood, there is no planning meeting necessary; we go straight to the action. And build a sand castle with not one bridge, but two (!) over the deadly bottomless pit filled with sticky yucky muck. That we try to cross, with hardly no risk at all. 

What's gonna work? Teamwork!

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