Jan 22, 2013

The Swedish Wallflower

People from the north of Sweden are renowned for 'not wasting words unnecessarily'. It could be that we are tight-fisted, it could be that the cold makes us unwilling to open our month unless it is very urgent; bear attacking you, out of beer, stuff like that. The result is however always the same; Swedes from the north drift very quickly away from the center of the attention.

This is why I find people who put themselves in the center of the attention willingly fascinating. Especially to perform. To put yourself through having all eyes looking at you seems like craziness to me. And trust me; it does not get more crazy than the Yahoo! Taiwan Chinese New Year party.

Take a look at the dancers in these photos; the clothes, the make-up, the professional posing. These are not participants of Taiwan Pop Idol; these are Yahoo! employees from each team making a performance. They hire a professional choreographer to help them, they practice for months and the company help sponsor the clothes - and they were incredible!

The Lego pieces? I work on a project internally called 'Lego'. Try and spot me, because I am there... Somewhere... Like a Swede from the north drifting away from the center of attention...

Photos copyright: Bryan Chan

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