Jan 24, 2013

'Sell the Egg, not the Hen'

Swedish proverbs are pretty weird. Especially if you translate them to english. 'All good things comes in threes'. First of all; it seems we have somewhat of an issue with being grateful. You really need three things? Boobs comes in twos and I don't ask for a third one. Another favorite; 'The one that whispers lies'. Really? Ever been to the movies? You better 'lie' if you are sitting behind me talking to your date. 

'The Devil Exist in the Details' is just kind of charming. Seems the devil is a shy little fellow who prefers to only be seen in the fine print at the bottom of the contract. And needless to say, if that is true, the Devil lives in any Ikea furniture assemblance instruction. 'Don't spit in head-wind' - probably the best advice ever! And finally; ' The Old is the Oldest'. Seems kind of obvious. Not sure what you are trying to stress here, apart from insisting you are old.  

Anyways, there is one proverb that reads; 'Shame On The One Who Gives Up'. Like for example if you are trying to snap a picture of a very stylish Miss Cupcake, who is not collaborating entirely... You decide which one is the good one.

Proverbs taken from this Wikipedia page, and if they are on Wikipedia, they are for real.

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