Jan 21, 2013

The Analog Toilet

Defining myself as brave might be pushing it, but I do think I am a pretty open person in general. I will eat almost anything when it comes to food, I adjust to most cultural situations, and even though I will obviously judge you for the music you listen to, I accept almost any music style. Yes Sexy Mom, you can continue making jokes about Justin Timberlake, but the man has some good songs... and can dance! In the rain!

So I must say I was a bit shocked when I realized that there is one surprising area where I accept no negotiation. I simply will not cross that line under no circumstance. I know I should be open to different cultures, and it is not fair to judge if you haven't tried, however I simply cannot find strength to take the step. Call me old-fashion, but I want an old-fashion, analog toilet.

Technology is amazing! I live on the other side of the planet and can see and talk to my parents through the computer. In real-time! I no longer have to go to the bank and stand in line while some retired lady explains her entire holiday plans before cashing her check, but go online and be done in minutes. But a toilet that opens when I come into the bathroom just freaks me out. It just look hostile for some reason, like it is going to devore me. And I cannot get the picture of peeing into R2-D2 out of my head...

And that remote control is just scary. The red lady in one of the button seems to be gravitating in the air from the impulse of the squirting water. And the drier... that cannot be healthy. I can feel the smell of burnt eggs, and that smell should not be part of a bathroom. And there is a big orange 'stop' button. Exactly why do you need to stop it for? What went so wrong that you need a button in a distinct different color to be able to stop what is going on?!?

And the worst thing; the only part that could have saved it resulted being a big, fat marketing lie. The two white buttons at the top resulted not be for spraying water on breasts. 

Nope. Give me an old fashion, quiet and analog toilet. And a newspaper. 

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