Jan 20, 2013

The Shilin Night Market

The weirdest thing about being back in Taipei is not the fact that I am back in Taiwan. As in being far away from basically everything. Even though that is pretty strange as well. For a kid from the North Pole (almost), I have grown accustom to have a loose definition of 'home', and just accept that every now and then, it is part of my everyday life to fall asleep in one continent and wake up in a different one. 
No, I am talking about something really weird. Parallell universe level. Sit down as this might come as a chock, but I have spent one entire day without having to pay attention. Normally I have to have the radar set to 'on' constantly, and make sure it is calibrated to 'three year-old movement patterns', and be sure it is not by accident set to 'attractive ladies', and then just run to where the signal is strongest. Constantly. 

So to be able to walk around and be completely disconnected is a weird, and pretty relaxing feeling. I noticed that I started to look up, seeing the sky and threes, as I am not looking down to see what Miss Cupcake is touching that she shouldn't. The raised head position makes me breath better. Relaxing. A bit too relaxing as twice today I had to jump out of the road to not be hit by racing motorcycles, but that might say more about how they drive here...

I ended the day at the 'Shilin Night Market', which si pretty much a market, but at night. Conclusions from my experience at a Taiwanese street market; I have a pretty good notion of direction as I managed to get out of there (just about), there are exactly 45,576 different types of iPhone cases (all available in two colors) and there seems to be a slight obsession with sexy outfits with school-uniform theme (there will be a follow-up conversation about this Sexy Mom...).

The best thing; the watermelon juice. Oh the watermelon juice!

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