Jan 27, 2013

Elementary Miss Cupcake

I'm a control freaking perfectionist. So it is no surprise that I hate  riddles, mind games or anything similar. Not knowing the answer just drives me crazy. Giving up is obviously not an option, so I will continue until I find out, which is why for the sanity of myself or those around me, it is better that I don't even try. But I don't mind telling riddles to others as I already have the answer, so; what song sounds like 'cinn-a-mon' (yes, like the spice)?

Miss Cupcake is observing constantly and he mind is recording everything she hears. This means that a) we have to be very careful with the language we use around her (Sexy Mom can talk more around this...) and b) sometimes it takes some detective work to know what she refers to. Like 'cinn-a-mon' for example. Clue; think 70:ies dance movie.

The other day a song comes on the radio, and Miss Cupcake goes crazy; starts to run around, laughing and dancing. And ever since she heard that song, she keeps repeating one phrase over and over again. And in her head, she hears 'cinn-a-mon'. Most of us, will hear the phrase 'staying alive'.

Now you know for sure what song it is, right?

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