Dec 27, 2012

Guest post: How I met your father

It is no secret that my dear husband is a music nerd. That being clear, it is no surprise that music played a big part in the way we met. If you've ever asked us, it is quite probable that you have heard the story of how we sat side by side for 6 months before actually having a conversation. Maybe even how I used to be "that silent girl dressed in black".

Well, if you lived and loved in the early days of the Internet I bet that at some point in the beginning of your relationship you started sending mp3s or YouTube links to that special person (the mix tapes of the 2000s). That was my excuse. It all started because of this lady:

The day after going to her concert I actually had a real conversation with the Mister... asking for more Swedish music ideas. (As a side note, Ida Maria is not actually Swedish, but she made for a pretty good excuse). And so they came: Shout Out Louds were one of the first videos I got from Markus. I must say they're still not my cup of tea but I will listen to them on repeat because they remind me of very good times.

Once the conversations started to go past 1 hour, we started actually going out (another side note: we don't "date" in Spain). Don't let the name fool you; this guy is actually Swedish as well. This song was passed back and forth quite a few times... aaaand we were at this very concert.

Another classic of the Renström-Oviedo household: The National - Daughters of the Soho Riots. They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach... Well, the way to mine is probably through sad lyrics sung in a really deep voice.

And last but not least... it was 2007-2008... so of course this was a big hit back then.

...and that's how it all began. Hope you enjoy these nearly vintage tunes! (Can't believe they actually belong to a different decade; time flies).


Note from the editor (Mr Daddy): Sexy Mom normally writes over at Golden Gate Babies, and I have been lobbying for her to start writing here as well to get her side of the story. And she can actually write. So please join me in pressuring her to write here more!

And yes, we are currently on season 7 of 'How I met your mother'.


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