Dec 28, 2012

Selective Memory

I have a 'selective memory'. In practice this means that my hard drive has a lot of empty space. And yes, I just realize how bad that sounds. What I mean is; don't come asking me the name of the capital of Vietnam, what year JFK was shot or my phone number, because I will not know. I can look it up for you though if you want to. And pretty fast too.

When it comes to Miss Cupcake I am not sure what she remembers and what is lost along the way. I can only hope she has inherited the 'selective memory' of her dad, and only keep the great memories of us making fart jokes and not us fighting because she will not eat up her food, which happens way too often lately. 

When it comes to keeping in touch with friends and family back in Europe, we of course depend heavily on the low budget version of teletransportation; without the security checks, horrible food and lost luggage - Skype. The only reservation to this wonderful tool of communication is that you actually have to use it to stay in touch. And my sister and I kind of suck at calling each other. We mainly seem to speak when I am up late drinking wine and she is up eating an oatmeal breakfast (if you haven't tried this; please do! 'Tipsiness' versus 'just woke up' produces wonderful discussions). 

This also mean that Miss Cupcake does not have virtual meetings with her aunt that often. 

It is therefore amazing to see how Miss Cupcake instantly remembers her aunt 'Fri-Fri', plays like they haven't done anything else and introduces her to her surrounding as 'my sister'.

The memory; yet another this Miss Cupcake already does better than her dad...

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