Nov 7, 2012

Why Oh Why?

Trick question; what is more scary - being responsible for your child's health or being forced into the position of being a 'role model'. If you think about it, making sure your child survives is an obvious pressure riser to any parent. Sharp edges easily get compared to nuclear weapons from an impact point of view. But if you think about it, your child will take after you. Use you as a reference of behavior. 

Now how scary is that?!? What am I supposed to do now when I need to scratch my ass? Recite poetry while I do it? The role model pressure is totally under rated in my mind. This has been brought to my attention as Miss Cupcake has come into the wonderful age of asking why certain things happen, obviously not caring about the answer. 'No' is a favorite word of any kid as they don't want to do most things a parent want them to do, and they start using the word 'why' when they realize they can drive their parents crazy. And they do. 

But you want to be a role model, so you patiently try to enrich their life with information and explanations to their question 'why', while the kid is thinking to themselves 'I wonder for how long I can keep him going'. 

No one says it better than Luis CK, my favorite comedian out there, who in general makes me feel better around parenting issues. I wonder 'why'?

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