Nov 11, 2012

Turning Two

A magic trick is only mind-boggling until you see 'the thread', converting the ones hovering marvel into a boring object suspended by a simple thread. So the trick is to not discover the magic sauce behind the trick, leaving people thinking you are the next Houdini. Or not show it to people who are smart enough to catch the thread. 

Let's take a simple example; it is time to go to bed, and as any two-year old, Miss Cupcake has a Spanish view of the night; i.e. it is young and should be enjoyed until it converts into morning. The trick to get her to sleep is to make her be still for two minutes. Might seem simple, but it is not. Trust me. So playing the 'I need to go to the bath room, I'll be right back'-card tends to work wonders, as she would fall asleep waiting for you to come back. Until she discovered 'the thread' that is. And now she simply responds, all smirk, 'sure, I'll come with you!'. Back to the drawing board. 

So now it is time to discover a trick, that most likely has been discovered a long time ago already, but  I will reveal it anyways; we used the 'I need to go to the bath room, I'll be right back'-card on you all. Because that is what we said when we moved to the US, exactly on this day two years ago, that we would 'go to see how it is like, for two years'. But I am afraid to say, it is very likely to be more than just two years.

I am personally very proud that we made it through all the adaptation, paper work, house hunting, daycare introductions, foggy afternoons and the millions of other things that have happened here in San Francisco, which I luckily do not have to go into detail as you can find it all in the 395 blog posts that currently constitutes this project that started on a very early morning two-years ago.

And I am prepared for the coming years, and I know they will be great, because I am surrounded by my three musketeers. 

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  1. Okay, you can stay two more years as long as you keep visiting every once in a while. Will try to do the same (we'll be right back!) ;-)