Nov 3, 2012

I Pledge to the Cupcake

One of the most common questions I get, apart from general appraisals of my moustache (construction workers included), is around the 'cultural belonging' of my beloved Miss Cupcake. Yes, we have a need to define everything, so how do I define the nationality of my child? She was born in Madrid, Spain, father from north of Sweden, mother from what is left of Spain, and has lived most of her life in the US; has some kind of identification in three countries, and will sing songs in Chinese when bored. What does that make her?

I don't know to be honest. 'Cute' probably... I do not know what to answer if I have to give her only one nationality. She is a UN in miniature, with the constant conflicts included. Let's just make something very clear; 

She might organize her toys in perfect lines and say that 'p' is for daddy (pappa in Swedish). She might object loudly moving her hands in a flamenco inspired transe, and be a firm believer that the night is made for partying, and partying only. But in spite of the cultural heritage from her parents, she is a heavily influenced by, and proud to be part of the US. Until the point of chanting 'U-S-A!' just because she wants to. So her pledging the allegiance to the flag is only a natural step. 

And I like the addition of 'I did it!'. Makes for a grand finale. They should consider adding it...

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