Nov 1, 2012

Can I Get a 'Bu'?!?

Let's be honest; growing up sucks! Sure, when you are an acne-covered freedom-urging teenager, adulthood glimmers at the end of the tunnel with endless curfew-free nights of partying with actual alcohol drinks and chilling in the bachelor downtown loft surrounded by the female brazilian volleyball team. 

Who knew you have to clean that apartment, tax the income needed to pay for it, rents downtown are ridiculous and working to pay for it all just makes you so tired you end up kicking out the brazilian female volleyball team on Friday night to get some sleep. So we strive to be adults, and when we get there, we want to go back and be kids with no other problems than 'what should we play next'.

This is where ironically the ultimate step to being an adult - becoming a parent - comes to the rescue. Halloween, that previously meaningless excuse for a holiday, started out like any other year with no greater emotions, and ended up with myself running around, like a kid, screaming 'trick or treat'. It started with the fun of decorating the house, with home carved-out pumpkins and spider webs included, to the contagious joy of seeing Miss Cupcake 'trick or treat' for the first time, absolutely stunned of the fact that people were offering her candy, and should could take it! 

I totally agreed with Miss Cupcake this morning when she woke up, looked at me and said; 'I want to go trick or treating dad'.

You know what, we should! 

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