Oct 4, 2012

The Couch Game 2.0

This is not about me being Swedish or anything, however I feel the need to give a word of support for my flat-boxed-furniture-for-incredible-prize making friends over at Ikea. So yes, going there with a large percentage of the population on a Saturday is ranked just under 'root canal' at the dentists, and I am still upset with them for removing the 'real' Swedish food from the store (white label... really?!?), however they do get it right sometimes. 

And no, I do not invest in a company making Allen keys, but I do have a two year-old Miss Cupcake known for her love of jumping on couches (remember the Couch game?). So we have the 'Solsta' bed sofa in our living room, and Miss Cupcake has discovered a new game which is as easy as brilliant in its set-up; get up on a chair, put on your 'sticky gloves' (remember kids; safety first!) and jump on the half-folded sofa to some heavy beats (bebop jazz...).

And Ikea, I give it to you; you actually know how to make some sturdy furniture, because the sofa is still standing. It can even handle Miss Cupcake's serious dance moves...

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