Oct 6, 2012

Is it a Bird?!? Is it a Plane?!?

Getting your first bike is a pretty big deal. It is by far the easiest birthday present a parent will ever give as the success rate is about 98%. Of course there are exceptions, like the case with Miss Cupcake. She does not like her new bike? Oh, trust me. She loves it. However she did not get it for her birthday. Sexy Mom found it on the street. 

You all know my 'old cranky man's' view on anything related to flea markets. What I did not mention is the incredible hot looking cousin of the flea market; 'free stuff on the street'. In San Francisco, when people get tired of their stuff, some sell it in evil gatherings fueling the capitalist irrepressible thirst, and others more kindly spirited simply put the stuff on the street with a sign that says; 'free'. Bless you all for doing that.

So that is the unofficial story of how Miss Cupcake got her first blue bike with blazing fire stickers; Sexy Mom found it. And as you can tell, she loves it... and the boys turn their heads as she blazes by...

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