Sep 27, 2012

The Bargain of the Year

I am a man of my words. I am also a man that can admit to being wrong. Sometimes. So here it comes; dad, we need to talk. We have fought the war, shoulder to shoulder, always out-numbered and almost always outgunned. But we never gave up, always came back up on our feet, supporting the cause. They could take our wallets, but they could never take our... car keys? So I know this will hurt, so I am just going to say it - I have bought something on a flea market (remember?).

Now let's take a step back and look at the facts before we get carried away by our emotions dad. Nothing have changed really, I still support the cause. I promise. I too get that nervous tick when hearing the word 'flea market', and my back automatically start hurting from just reading the word  'garage sell'. But I am not made of steel. There are some deals that you cannot walk away from. I mean, look at it!

It was made for my kitchen counter; it is the perfect size, it fits the perfect amount of wine bottles (six) and that tiny, cute door makes that wonderful sound of vacuum being created that reminds me of my grand mothers house. It is so perfect that I don't even have it running. Looking at it is enough. And I did not tell you about the best part - five bucks!!

So... still friends dad?

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