Sep 26, 2012

The Key to Successful Parenting

The key to successful parenting is to find activities that both child and daddy can enjoy. The complications are obvious, as most children do not appreciate dark noisy bars, soccer on TV, beer or 'lying on the sofa doing nothing'. Reading the same book twelve times or dressing dolls is something daddies do, but we only pretend to like it. At least as a baby, we shared the affection for boobs... 

This is why the beach is the perfect solution (I know, lately I only speak about the beach - summer is here and it is over quickly so one has to take the opportunity). Miss Cupcake find endless options to play; picking rocks, building castles, eating sand and lately, she is also venturing into the water. Daddy is happy to assist in the rock picking, castle building and water splashing. The sand eating is not necessary, but Miss Cupcake allows for Mr Daddy to lie down to rest while she builds/picks/eats something. 

This in the end is why Baker Beach is one of our favorite spots in San Francisco. This is why we take everyone that comes to visit here (to the left Miguel gets to feel the power of Miss Cupcake's ball throwing, and to the right, Fernando is building a castle). It really has everything to make for a successful dad/child day. If you are lucky, you can even see a boob or two...

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