Sep 24, 2012

The Fall of the Roman Empire

One of the biggest mistakes you can do as a parent is to plan the day. Sure, if you are a beginner you are expected to not be familiar with the game, but if you have a two year old, you really should know better. You shouldn't even try. So what did I do? I tried. Result? Let's take a look. 

We were off to Hawaii for a week of 'Energy Conservation', and the day of the trip required for some planning. At least that is what my squared Ikea-inspired mind considered the most appropriate action. This is how the day looked like; wake up at 5am, go to airport, flight to Honolulu for five hours, wait an hour for the flight to Maui where we would land local time at 2pm. To make things as easy as possible, Miss Cupcake should nap at some point to not fall asleep to early and be all jet-laggy. Any successful plan consideres all factors. Each and every one. This was my downfall. 

Since she was doing great on the plane, watching cartoons and snacking, we did not even try to have her nap. An airport is too noisy to sleep at, and the flight from Honolulu to Maui was too short to have time to nap. I was running out of options, but I was calm. I am experienced. She has been awake for nine hours and is really tired. When coming to the hotel, she will fall asleep without even having to try. 

Ha I tell you! Ha! Amateur!

Note: each successful plan considers all factors. Each and every tiny one. My downfall; one little window between the hotel lobby and our room. What could you see from this tiny, clean, way too transparent window - the pool. As soon as the half-open eyes of Miss Cupcake, painted red from the need of sleep, laid eyes on the window, I could her the roman empire crumble to pieces. She uttered one little phrase, and that was it; 'look daddy, a pool'.

We did try to have her nap, but she refused and required to be taken to the pool. So in the end we did. We spend the following five days in that pool, and had a great time. At 8pm, after 17 hours without sleeping, Miss Cupcake went to sleep. Before turning over, she said;

'Daddy, I want to go to the pool'.

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