Sep 8, 2012

Soaked Cupcake

Driving into the parking lot of Baker Beach, I cannot help to think what event would need to happen for me to be as excited as Miss Cupcake is about going to the beach. Once she is out of the car she will start to undress immediately, asking for her 'bikini', and waiting more than two seconds for her slow dad to come with her down to the water is two seconds too much. 

Just think about it; what would make you jump, scream and run in circles simply out of necessity as your body needs to let out some of the happiness in some shape or form, otherwise the pressure cooker would explode from packing too much joy in one place. It should be produced simply from the joy of running around in cold water, just watch. Have your forgot how fun it is?!? 

And if you are wondering, no, she did not get cold. Liquid nitrogen, remember?

Note; she is screaming 'que viene!', which in Spanish means 'it's coming!', referring to the waves, of course.

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