Aug 9, 2012

Why We Don't Like Vomiting

Spoiler alert; this blog post includes parenting tips, vomiting and why putting the blame on a poor doctor is sometimes necessary. So if you are not interested in these areas, or are a doctor, this is probably not for you. But you can look at the picture. She is cute, right?

Being sick is never a holiday, unless you are pretending to be sick to get holidays that is. There unfortunately many very serious illnesses around, but having the stomach flu ranks as one of the worst to me as it involves vomiting. Vomiting is simply a disgusting practice with very few upsides. This is unfortunately something that Miss Cupcake now is familiar with. And it is horrible to be there with her while vomiting, as you know how terrible it is, there is nothing you can do about it and she only makes it worst by looking at me with those puppy eyes of hers while saying things like 'no more please daddy' or 'I'm sorry daddy'.

To try and make this event have some upsides, we found a way of taking advantage of the situation, and get away with it. The perfect crime you could call it. The same way as we blamed the 'hand, foot and mouth' decease on the pacifier, and thus got her to stop using it, we now blame the vomiting on the bottle. She cannot drink milk as it upsets her stomach, so on top of being sick, vomiting and not being able to drink milk, we go ahead and take away her beloved bottle. And blame her poor doctor for it. 'Remember Miss Cupcake, the doctor said no more bottle'.

Yes. We are aiming for the 'Parents of the year' award.  

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