Aug 14, 2012

Outside Lands; The Thirties Version

'I will be back next year with Sexy Mom. Be afraid'. This is how the blog post from last year's Outside Lands ended. And I am a man of my word; I came back. I was accompanied with one very sexy mom. But let's be honest, not a lot of reason to be afraid, unless you are a funnel cake. 

Because let's face it; by definition a music festival is all about rolling into the camping ground in a 1968 Volkswagen bus painted with flowers to the soundtrack of Velvet Underground, with an emphasize in activities towards listening to music, socializing with the ladies, drinking and dancing in the mud (preferably with ladies), and not so much focus towards personal hygiene (maybe a consequence of the lack of ladies). This is what a friend of mine and I did back in the days when going to the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. 

But the years they do pass, and when two parents get an incredible amount of semi-free kid existence (3 days!), the focus will be heavily dedicated to catching up (I am not joking), stretching out on the grass just because you can, maybe even closing your eyes and breath really slowly for a while, stack up on energy (fries with 'chimichurri' or funnel cake with caramel clear winners), make fun of all the hipsters and yes, maybe listen to some music. 

How was the festival? Freezing, Metallica were really loud, Steve Wonder was for real, Neil Young was really, really old, Foo Fighters were fun and Sigur Ros was simply perfect in the fog. And freezing cold.    

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