Aug 29, 2012

The Cupcake Warrior

You might not know who Borje Salming is, but you should. He is a living legend. He was only the first European ever to play in the National Hockey League (that would be ice-hockey if you are wondering), he was a tough guy (once had to get 200 stitches after a closer encounter with a skate) and he is now retired obviously selling his own line of underwear. 

Way back in the days, I was with some neighbors of my parents and some friends of theirs when the subject of Borje Salming came up. He had a tendency to do that. The discussion was around how many stitches he had received in total during his career, a great dinner discussion theme as any other. All of a sudden one man, who hadn't said much, quietly utters, almost to himself; 'I don't know about the stitches, but I sure knocked out two teeth of his'. Yes, Sweden is not that big, and apparently this man went to school with Borje Salming, and they disagreed on something, and in Sweden you settle those things knocking out ones teeth.   


Miss Cupcake is of course a none-violent little pastry, so her dental accident with resulting piece of her front tooth ending up in a sand box somewhere came after a close encounter with a slide. She does have some similarities with Mr Salming though, as she did not even blink when the dentist smoothed out the edges and made sure that she still has an adorable smile, with a hint of 'don't mess with me!'

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