Aug 28, 2012


I cannot help to ponder, sitting here in my house surrounded by smart phones, computers and tablets, with a wi-fi signal penetrating my brain and probably making some kind of long-term damage; what on earth did parents do before technology came around? Open the door and have the kids roam the forests whenever mom and dad needed seven minutes to shower? 

It is no coincidence that I mention seven minutes, as this is how long an episode of 'Pocoyo' is, which enables me to shower, get dressed, do the dishes, iron the shirts, read the news and take the garbage out. Or shower at least. And even though kids should be outside running in the sun, technology is a great babysitter. And you can say what you want about Apple, but they do create easy to use products that even a two year old could use. Literally. 

Miss Cupcake normally watches some 'TV' (not sure how long that word will be around) while we have dinner, however lately she will take the iPad and do whatever she wants to. Watch Bob the Builder for a while, then see who is on Skype, maybe play some game or just watch some photos.

Things we can learn from this video:

1. Miss Cupcake shows up in practically every single photo.
2. Not even women can sneeze and scroll at the same time.
3. It is not that easy to differentiate between grandma (farmor) and grandpa (farfar).
4. Apparently her aunt, and my sister, Frida, is coming to visit next Friday. I hope she is aware of this.
5. Even though user friendly, not even Apple can stop quick child fingers to change application without wanting to (ups!)
6. When she touches the entire screen with her hand, she zooms the photo to be bigger and smaller. Maybe to see if it is grandma or grandpa...

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