Aug 16, 2011

Outside Lands - Day 2

On the second day of any festival you are bound to wake up with a sore head, a tattoo you don't remember getting and an aching body. This time was no different,  if you count half my body being burnt from the sun as being a tattoo. 

Not sure what I prefer the reason for this hang over to be; access of alcohol or, as in this case, having been up with Miss Cupcake half the night due to a poop related issue. During the night she learned to say 'mamma sova' (mommy sleeping). She did not seem to want to grab the indirect of 'Leah sova'. 

Anyways, all pooped and happy, we headed out to the second day of the Outside Lands Festival, which presented itself very similar to day 1; sunny, full of music and a lot of people. It was also very similar to day one in the sense that Miss Cupcake was on fire, until the point where she could not sleep, so at 4 p.m. when Red Bull called to see if they could patent her hyper activity, we decided that it was time for the ladies to go back home. Left alone was Mr Daddy.

Miss Cupcake did really well for her first festival, or as a spontaneous girl shouted when leeing her: 'that kid is soooo rock n roll'. Indeed she is.

When you all of a sudden do not have to have your attention on where Miss Cupcake is, it is weird that surrounded by blasting music and thousands of screaming Americans, it all of a sudden becomes very peaceful. The rest of the afternoon I wandered around seeing concerts, drinking a couple of beers and getting some more tattoos... Will be back next year with Sexy Mom. Be afraid.

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